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Muslim Population in Districts & Tahsils of Sikkim

In this Article Data about the Muslim Population in Districts & tahsils Of Sikkim is given In Table Format. Demographics, Percentage & Key Insights About Muslim Population also Provided.

Muslim Population in Districts of Sikkim

District NameTotal PopulationMuslim PopulationMuslim Percentage
North  District437098151.86
West District1364359650.71
South District14685018891.29
East District28358361982.19

Muslim Population in Tahsils of Sikkim

District NameTahsil NameTotal PopulationMuslim PopulationMuslim Percentage
North  DistrictChungthang100382162.15
North  DistrictMangan336715991.78
West DistrictGyalshing716756750.94
West DistrictSoreng647602900.45
South DistrictNamchi9889516811.70
South DistrictRavong479552080.43
East DistrictGangtok21945052902.41
East DistrictPakyong363925181.42
East DistrictRongli277413901.41

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