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Muslim Population in Districts & Tahsils of Puducherry

In this Article Data about the Muslim Population in Districts & Tahsils Of Puducherry is given In Table Format. Demographics, Percentage & Key Insights About Muslim Population also Provided.

Muslim Population in Districts of Puducherry

District NameTotal PopulationMuslim PopulationMuslim Percentage

Muslim Population in Tahsils of Puducherry

District NameTahsil NameTotal PopulationMuslim PopulationMuslim Percentage
YanamYanam Taluk5562611912.14
PuducherryPuducherry Taluk316432136164.30
PuducherryOzhukarai Taluk30010465382.18
PuducherryVillianur Taluk213278112285.26
PuducherryBahour Taluk12047512921.07
MaheMahe Taluk418161285630.74
KaraikalKaraikal Taluk1442002298215.94
KaraikalThirunallar Taluk56022585310.45

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