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Muslim Population in Tahsils of Andaman And Nicobar

In this Article Data about the Muslim Population in Tahsils of Andaman And Nicobar is given in Table Format. Demographics, Percentage & Key Insights about Muslim Population also Provided.

District NameTahsil NameTotal PopulationMuslim PopulationMuslim Percentage
NicobarsCar Nicobar178417594.25
NicobarsGreat Nicobar83671812.16
North  & Middle AndamanDiglipur431833780.88
North  & Middle AndamanMayabunder257888623.34
North  & Middle AndamanRangat366269252.53
South AndamanFerrargunj535651061519.82
South AndamanPort Blair1657541785610.77
South AndamanLittle Andaman188234412.34

Andaman and Nicobar is an important island Territory of India and its Capital Port Blair is one of the important city of South India.

The Latest Census 2011 Data which is Published in 2015 tells that Andaman and Nicobar has 32,413 Muslim Residents.

The Exact figure of Muslim Population in Andaman and Nicobar is 32,413 Out of Total Population of 3,80,581.

Muslim Constitutes 8.52% of Andaman & Nicobar Population.

Percentages of Muslim in the Island is lower than National Average 14.2% of Muslims in India.

Out of Total Muslim Population 0f 17,22,45,158 in India Andaman and Nicobar has 32413 Muslim Population. Which is 1.88% of Total Indian Muslims.

Out of the 9 Tahsils of the UT None have Muslim Majority.

In This Article Data About the Muslim Population in Tahsils of Andaman And Nicobar is Published. To See the Data of Muslim Population in Towns & Districts of Andaman & Nicobar Visit the Link 

All the Data Published on this Page is Collected From Official Website of http://www.censusindia.gov.in


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